Call your Senators to
Pass the Coronavirus Bill

The bill currently pending in the Senate is a crucial first step to protect the most vulnerable during this pandemic.

The bill contains many vital provisions, including permanent paid sick leave for workers (so they can avoid spreading the illness to coworkers and customers), unemployment insurance, use of Medicaid funds for states for the pandemic, and free testing and treatment for all.

The nutrition provisions in this bill will:

· Allow USDA to approve state plans for emergency SNAP assistance to households with children who lose free or reduced-price school meals;

· Give USDA authority to issue nationwide SNAP waivers in states resulting in increased benefits during the coronavirus emergency;

· Provide $100 million for U.S. territories including Puerto Rico to receive additional nutrition assistance;

· Increase funds for WIC by $500 million for pregnant women or mothers with young children who lose their jobs due to the outbreak;

· Increase the emergency food program (TEFAP) by $400 million; and

· Temporarily suspend SNAP work requirements for adults who face barriers to work during the emergency.

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