Save SNAP by Supporting the Senate Farm Bill!     

Donald Trump and House Republicans want to kick one million Americans off the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP—formerly known as food stamps.

A House version of the bill, which passed on a strict party-line vote in June, would deem over one million people ineligible for SNAP, jeopardize access for five to seven million more Americans, and cut more than $20 billion from SNAP benefits.

In contrast, a bipartisan Senate bill—it passed 86-11!—would maintain or increase funding for other nutrition programs without cutting SNAP benefits.

The House and Senate will be hashing out the differences before a final bill returns to the floor of each chamber. That’s why it is so important that your Representative and your Senators know where you stand, so that both chambers pass the Senate’s version of the Farm Bill.

To be clear, neither version does as much as we would like to improve diet quality for low-income Americans. But the Senate bill at least maintains access to, and funding for, this critical nutrition assistance program.

Take action now to save SNAP by emailing your U.S. Representative and your Senators. 

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