Urge FDA to keep carcinogenic flavorings out of our food supply!

CSPI—with the help of lawyers at Earthjustice and a coalition of consumer groups—is hauling the FDA into federal court to force it to decide whether carcinogens really belong in our food.

Benzophenone. Eugenyl methyl ether. Myrcene. Even if consumers knew about the risks, they would not be able to avoid them because the seven carcinogens are not named on labels. You can see why food manufacturers prefer to obscure the presence of these chemicals by blandly describing them as “artificial flavors.” All seven have been determined to be carcinogens by internationally recognized authorities on cancer, and U.S. law is quite clear in preventing the addition of carcinogens to food.

Some of these chemicals supposedly convey notes of mango or citrus to foods; others add “sweet woody notes” to beer. One, ethyl acrylate, is marketed for adding an “ethereal character reminiscent of ripe pineapple, rum and whiskey, roasted onion and garlic” to foods and beverages. Ethereal or not, it has been linked to cancer.

We can’t bring these cases alone. We rely on the support and help of supporters like you to raise the volume when the government disappoints us.

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