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Oppose Delay of the Updated Nutrition Facts Label

We have a model letter for individuals to submit to the agency. We encourage you to modify the model letter—personalize it, for example, by adding in why the updated Nutrition Facts Label is important to you (or your organization). The letter doesn’t need to be long, but the more you customize it, the more impact it will have on the agency.

Here are directions for submitting a letter (and see picture below):

1 - Upload your letter here.

2 - In the Comment field, either paste your letter in the box (if it’s no more than a couple of pages) or write “Please see attached file” and upload your letter (PDF preferred).

3 - Type in your first and last name.

4 - For Category, select which field most appropriately describes you (such as: Academia, Association, Consumer Group, Health Care Association, Health Professional, Individual

5 - Consumer, Local Government, State Government).

6 - If you are an organization, please check the I am submitting on behalf of a third party option and write in your name and the organization’s name.

On the next screen, please review your information for accuracy and certify that you have read and understand the statement above.

Click Submit Comment to submit your letter. After submitting, we encourage you to put in your email address in order to receive a filing confirmation from the FDA.

Also, please email a copy of your letter to us at If you have questions, let us know at

Submission Instructions