Center for Science in the Public Interest

Oppose Delay of the Updated Nutrition Facts Label

The Food and Drug Administration recently proposed delaying the updated Nutrition Facts label until January 2020 for large companies (with annual sales over $10 million), and until January 2021 for smaller companies. This decision to cave in to the food industry’s demands harms the public’s health and denies consumers vital information. Because many companies are already using the new labels, the decision also creates an unfair and confusing marketplace. We have until November 1 to oppose this effort.

You can help by emailing the FDA today using the model letter below. Even better, you can also submit your own letter to the FDA (click on link for instructions and the model comment).

We encourage you to personalize the model letter—for example, by explaining why the updated Nutrition Facts labels are important to you. The letter doesn’t need to be long, but the more you customize it, the more impact it will have on the agency.