For health insurance and prevention: oppose repeal of Affordable Care Act


As a food and nutrition group, CSPI doesn’t work directly on health insurance.  However, in addition to the important reforms and expanded health insurance for low-income Americans, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) also includes a number of important prevention provisions, including national menu labeling, funding for prevention and public health activities, and support for breastfeeding. We need your help to protect access to healthcare for millions of Americans and protect these important nutrition and prevention provisions that help to keep people well.  Can you take a minute to email your members of Congress today?

What’s at stake if Congress repeals the ACA?

Health coverage:
- Nearly 30 million Americans would lose their health insurance coverage.
- Millions of young adults up to age 26 could lose health insurance coverage.
- 129 million individuals with pre-existing conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and cancer, could be denied insurance.

- Through their own private health insurance, 138 million individuals, including millions of children, couldlose access to preventive health care services such as vaccines, disease screenings, well-child visits, andtobacco cessation counseling without co-pays or deductibles.
- 39 million seniors would lose free preventive services through Medicare.
- Support for breastfeeding would be reduced.  The ACA spurred health plans to cover breastfeedingsupport, supplies, and counseling as a preventive service, employers now have to provide break time and a private place for employees to express breast milk at work, and provides funding for breastfeeding initiatives.
- The ACA has provided more than $6 billion to support a variety of public health activities in every statethrough the Prevention and Public Health Fund, including tracking and preventing infectious disease,community and clinical prevention programs, bolstering the public health infrastructure and workforce,and expanding access to childhood immunizations.  This funding is critical to supporting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s work. 

Food and nutrition:
- National menu labeling was passed as part of the ACA and will go into effect May 5, 2017. CSPI led theeffort to ensure chain restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, and other establishments list calories on menus and menu boards to allow Americans make informed food choices when eating out. 

Work on the repeal of the ACA is already underway.  Please email your members of Congress to save health insurance coverage, menu labeling, funding for public health, and other important prevention measures today.  You can also call your Representative and Senators at the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask them to oppose repeal of the ACA.