General Mills: Stop Marketing Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks to Children 


In a report by our colleagues at the Rudd Center, General Mills’ Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks ranked in the bottom half of snack foods based on overall nutritional quality, but led as the snack food brand with the most TV advertising to children.

Fruit snacks are marketed a healthy option.  Although they are commonly called fruit snacks, they’re basically candy.  Fruit juice concentrate is just fruit sugars stripped of all the good nutrition of fruit.  Fruit juice concentrate is to fruit as high fructose corn syrup is to a fresh ear of corn. 

While candies, or fruit snacks, can fit into a healthy diet when consumed as occasional treats, kids don’t need encouragement to eat more of them.  Child obesity rates are at extremely high levels.  Though a number of factors contribute to child obesity and children’s poor diets, food marketing is an important one.  The Institute of Medicine found that food advertising affects children’s food choices, food purchase requests, diets, and health.  Given that what kids eat can affect lifelong eating habits, the last thing kids need is more encouragement to eat candy. 

Please join us today in sending a message to General Mills (Betty Crocker’s parent company) to ask them to stop advertising Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks to kids 14 and under.

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