Urge the FDA to ban food dyes!

One serving pebbles and crush 1200__1453228713_38.105.68.98 with caption 400.jpgChildren are harmed by synthetic food dyes.  Susceptible children—who likely number more than half-a-million in the U.S.—experience episodes of inattention, hyperactivity, or other behavioral effects, after consuming foods containing synthetic dyes.  In addition, recent research has revealed far higher levels of dyes in commonly consumed foods than was previously thought. 

Thousands of parents of affected kids have sent CSPI emails detailing their families’ struggles to identify the cause and help their children.  Please join them in calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to warn consumers about dyes, remove them from the food supply, and ensure adequate safety testing before companies add new dyes to food.

We, the undersigned citizens, strongly urge the Food and Drug Administration to ban synthetic dyes from food and beverages given the substantial evidence that the dyes harm susceptible children.  

The first priority of any food system should be to protect children.  A large body of studies—and an emerging scientific consensus—demonstrate that some children experience episodes of inattention, hyperactivity, and other behavioral effects following exposure to synthetic dyes.  Yet the FDA has failed to act. 

FDA should immediately withdraw approval for the use of dyes.  Pending such a decision, it should require warning labels on dyed foods that clearly inform families and children that dyes can trigger negative behaviors in children.  FDA should also correct misleading information on its website and materials that currently indicate dyes are “safe.” 

In addition, before allowing future approvals for the use of dyes, FDA should require appropriately sensitive tests.

Dyes serve no nutritional or other essential purpose in food.  All children deserve every chance to grow, thrive, and learn, and dyes, which are ubiquitous in foods marketed to children, are an impediment to their success.

We urge FDA’s timely response and efforts to end the needless suffering of children and families from the use of synthetic dyes in food.   

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