Ask Rovio to Stop Using Angry Birds to Market Junk Food to Kids

Angry Birds is the most downloaded app of all time. Its birds and pigs are widely recognizable and appeal to broad audiences, including kids.

Angry Birds are found not only on children’s clothing, backpacks, and stuffed toys, but also on fruit gummies, which are basically candy, and other candy.

While candy can fit into a healthy diet if consumed as an occasional treat, kids don’t need encouragement to eat more of it.  Child obesity rates are at extremely high levels.  Though a number of factors contribute to children’s poor diets, food marketing is an important one.  The Institute of Medicine found that food advertising affects children’s food choices, food purchase requests, diets, and health.

Please join us today in sending a message to Rovio Entertainment (the company behind Angry Birds) to ask them to stop marketing junk food to kids.


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   Ms. Amy Asher
   Ms. Randi Spieker
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