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Bed Bath & Beyond is known for blankets and bath towels—so what are they doing pushing candy on their customers at checkout?

Checkout prompts impulse buys.  Although people regularly resist temptation, it becomes harder when people are tired, are resisting the demands of children, or have made a series of shopping decisions in the store.

Please ask Bed Bath & Beyond to ditch the candy at checkout and stick to non-food items, such as lip balm, hand sanitizer, and reusable shopping bags.

Urge Bed Bath & Beyond's CEO, Steven Temares, to stop pushing candy on customers at checkout. 

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Dear Mr. Temares:
I am writing to ask you to stop marketing candy at checkout. As the nation’s biggest home goods chain, Bed Bath & Beyond should be a leader in responsible business practices. 
After shopping for blankets, bath towels, and other home goods, the last thing anyone needs is to be ambushed by a wall of candy at checkout. 
It’s already difficult to eat well in America today. Your company is making it even harder. Please, stop pushing candy at the register.